Whether you’re planning on building a backyard shed for outdoor storage or a functional greenhouse or office shed for hobbies, work, or other reasons, you’ll need to consider what shed size you’ll need. Shed sizes vary considerably, from small sheds used for yard tools to large sheds utilized as workshops. This article will help you pick the perfect shed size for your needs. 

Shed Size Factors To Consider

 How Will the Shed Be Used?

Are you thinking about building a greenhouse shed? You’ll need room for all the plants you plan on growing—and their offspring. Are you building a gardening shed or a potting shed? You’ll want room to move around, a place to store your pots and gardening tools, and enough space for a table or desk to work on. Looking to build a home office? You’ll need enough space for all your furniture, equipment, and office supplies.


The function of your shed will play an important role in how big it will need to be—think carefully about how you’ll move around in the space, what you’ll need to store there, and how clutter might be added or diminished throughout the year. 

 What Will Be Stored in the Shed?

This is tied to how the shed will be used—you need to know exactly what you’re going to keep in the shed. You’ll also want to consider how your storage needs will fluctuate over time. A storage shed might hold snowblowers, shovels, and other equipment year-round—but you might also need to store patio furniture in your storage shed when the winter hits. Carefully consider how much storage space you’ll need each season.

 Will There Need To Be Room for Growth in the Future?

There are some sheds where the need for growth is obvious. Have a greenhouse shed or gardening shed? If all goes well, you’ll end up growing more plants—and you’ll need more space.


For others, the reasons to leave room for growth aren’t always obvious—but they’re almost always there. Have an office shed? As your business grows, you might purchase new equipment or want to host more clients in your space—and you’ll need the room to do it. Have a storage shed? Stuff piles up over the years—and you’ll need a place to put it all.


We always recommend getting a shed that’s a little bigger than you think you’ll need—it’s a lot less expensive to buy an oversized shed than it is to buy a second shed because the first one you bought was too small. 

 How Big Is Your Yard?

This one is obvious—the size of your yard will dictate how big your shed can be. Most of us want space in our yards to host company, garden, or undertake other activities; your new shed will take up some of that space. Consider how much room you require for outdoor activities, and plan the size of your shed accordingly. 

 Are There Any Community Regulations?

Zoning laws and other by-laws can dictate how big your shed can be. In Winnipeg, for example, a building permit is needed for any shed over 108 square feet. Sheds that are too close to property lines can also cause problems in some areas, limiting how big your shed can be.


We recommend talking to a representative in your municipality to determine how big your shed is allowed to be, as well as any limitations you’ll need to consider. 

Getting the Right-Sized Sized Shed With Horizon Storage Sheds

The team at Horizon Storage Sheds builds sheds in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some of our most popular sheds include our:



These are just a few of our many different styles of sheds—as you can see, we have shed sizes to suit anyone’s needs. Looking for a new shed for your home? No matter what size you want, Horizon Storage Sheds can help.