The Benefits Of Potting Sheds

A potting shed is a unique structure—it offers everything you need in a garden building, including:

  • Large windows to allow natural light in
  • Storage space for tools
  • Storage space for potted plants
  • A potting bench
  • A space to sit
  • And more

They’re used both for growing potted plants, and for transplanting and nursing these plants. In this article, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about potting sheds, exploring their benefits, and comparing them to greenhouses.

Potting Sheds Vs. Greenhouses

Greenhouses are designed to extend your growing season; they’re generally equipped with four transparent walls and a transparent roof, giving your plants ample sunlight year-round. As a consequence, there’s often little room for garden tools and soil—most of the square footage of a greenhouse is dedicated as space for plants to grow.

Potting sheds, on the other hand, are a sort of hybrid between a garden shed and a greenhouse. They often feature large windows on a south-facing wall with shelving, benches, and hooks for storage. You can pot plants, transplant seedlings, and even let a few potted plants grow—all in one space. 

One structure isn’t better or worse than the other—it all depends on your gardening goals. Greenhouses are an excellent choice if you want to extend your growing season and grow as many plants as possible in a single space. Potting sheds, on the other hand, are ideal as both a workspace and a growing space for a few potted plants. 

Potting Shed Benefits

They Provide the Ideal Environment for Potted Plants

With large, south-facing windows, potting sheds create an excellent environment for growing potted plants. Many potting sheds are equipped with shelves, hooks, and other storage areas where the plants can be left to grow. The tools in the potting shed make it easy to transfer plants to larger pots when needed.

You can leave these plants to grow in your potting shed or transplant them to a garden outside. Growing plants can be set on a potting bench or potting table, under which you can store other plant pots to transfer those plants into when they outgrow their pot!

Potting Sheds Can Provide a Relaxing Retreat

Potting sheds are often quaint and comfortable, featuring sitting and standing room for gardeners to enjoy. With large, glass, southern-facing windows, sunlight can beam through—providing you with ample heat. After a long day of gardening, retreating to your potting shed can be a quiet joy.

In fact, potting sheds were originally designed to be used as places for gardeners to take a break from their work. You’ll be surrounded by potted plants, and you’ll have space to take off your boots, hang up your tools, and sit for a moment of rest. 

Storage Space

Your potting shed can act as a storage area for pots, potted plants, gardening tools, and more. As a gardener, you know how many tools it takes to take care of your garden—pruning shears, trowels, hoes, watering cans, gardening gloves, pots, potting soil, rakes, and more. A potting shed provides room for all of the above, along with a potting bench and sitting space.

Instead of keeping all of those tools in your house, you’ll have easy access to them in your potting shed—which will most likely be placed right beside your garden (or gardens). The more storage space you have, the easier it is to tend to and grow a beautiful garden—it’s as simple as that. 

Potting Sheds Make Plant Maintenance Easier

With a dedicated area to keep your tools, a warm space to nurse seedlings and small potted plants, and a workbench to transplant plants, having a potting shed makes growing and nurturing plants that much easier.

We believe that everyone can grow a garden—a green thumb is something you can develop over time, with care and experience. A potting shed makes growing a garden that much easier—you can work in the rain and cold, relaxing in your sheltered, warm shed, with light streaming in from your potting shed’s window.

Creating Your Ideal Potting Shed With Horizon Storage Sheds

A potting shed can be a place of relaxation after a long day of gardening. A place of refuge from the cold and rain. A place of work. A place for storage. 

Whatever your gardening needs are, a potting shed can help—it can do all of the above, and more. We offer custom built potting sheds, made to whatever size and specification you need, with any colours you’d like. With a potting shed built by Horizon, you’ll have a structure that will last a generation or longer—and a perfect place to store and work on your potted plants.

Bring your gardening to the next level—call Horizon for a custom-built potting shed today.