Shed Vs. Garage

When you hear the word shed, what image does it conjure up in your mind’s eye? How about garage? Did the image in your mind change?

If you, like many people, pictured a small, backyard garden tool shed and a large attached garage that could accommodate one or more vehicles, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, you also wouldn’t have captured the whole story. The truth is that sheds and garages can both be adapted and modified to the needs and preferences of homeowners in a wide variety of ways.

Below, we’ll explore the fundamental similarities and differences between sheds and garages as well as some of the diverse purposes each can be used for and the various ways they can be customized. At Horizon Storage Sheds, we encourage potential customers who are on the fence about committing to a shed versus a garage to consider the size and layout of their property, what permits may be required for each type of structure, what they plan to store inside, and what their total budget is for the project.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sheds and garages both offer opportunities for additional storage space and can be flexibly customized for a wide range of different purposes.
  • Garages are typically larger than sheds. Other differences between them may include how they’re used, their cost, doors, foundations and flooring, and durability over time.
  • The right choice for you will depend on your goals, property layout, and budget.
  • Horizon Storage Sheds offers an extensive selection of customizable sheds that can suit many different circumstances.

Shed and Garage Similarities

Sheds and garages both offer extra storage space beyond the walls of your home. In addition, both can be customized and reimagined to serve multiple purposes.

The Main Differences Between Sheds and Garages

As you’ll see below, the main differences between sheds and garages are less clear-cut than you may have thought. Let’s dive in and take a closer look:


Size is a differentiating factor between sheds and garages. While a large shed and a small garage may be similar sizes, a structure that is designed to house more than a single vehicle is nearly always categorized as a garage (our Big Ranch Style Shed being one major exception).

One of the most standard purposes for garages is to park cars and trucks inside. Some sheds can also accommodate a single car or truck (especially if customized with a ramp and overhead door) but are more often used to store vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, golf carts, or riding lawnmowers.

How They’re Used

As discussed above, garages are frequently used for parking vehicles. In addition, they may be used to store large tools and equipment as well as seasonal items within easy reach of the house. Garages often share a wall with the home, potentially increasing the ease of installing electricity and/or plumbing. As such, they’re sometimes converted into heated workshops, living areas, or other multi-purpose spaces.

Traditionally, sheds have been used for the storage of everything from garden tools to bikes, lawn equipment, and many other odds and ends. More recently, however, many property owners have realized the inherent potential that sheds have to be creatively converted for many different purposes. A shed can be a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a studio, a workshop, a play space, a man-cave/she-shed, a vehicle storage space, a portable office, and so much more. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Foundations and Flooring

Modern garages are most frequently built on a concrete slab foundation. Concrete offers superior strength and durability while also allowing for the possibility of additional flooring options added on top (vinyl, floating flooring, etc.).

At Horizon Storage Sheds, we recommend a perfectly level gravel pad as the best and most economical way to prepare your new shed site. All of our sheds are built with Wooden flooring, which can be further customized if desired.


One of the defining features of most standard garages is one or more overhead doors that allow for the convenient entry and exit of vehicles. In addition, most garages also have a smaller side door and may also have a door with direct access to the home.

Some sheds can also have overhead doors (a roller door can be a great space-saving option), but many of our models at Horizon Storage Sheds have single or double swinging doors that open manually.


Under most circumstances, sheds are substantially more economical to build and install than garages. The cost of our sheds varies depending on their size, style, features, and customizations, but in every case, we guarantee fair, competitive pricing and a solid product built to our high standards. Garages and sheds can both increase property value over time.


A well-built garage should last as long as a home itself and a high-quality shed should also offer excellent longevity. At Horizon Storage Sheds, we pride ourselves on delivering premium sheds that are built to last for many years. As a mark of our confidence in our products and craftspersonship, we warranty all of our sheds for 5 years.

Which One’s Right for You?

The choice is yours, but if you’re seeking a versatile and fully customizable storage space solution that will attractively enhance your property and endure for many years to come, a high-quality and economical shed from Horizon Storage Sheds may be the ideal option. Ready to get your project started? So are we!

Ordering Your Next Storage Shed

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