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There’s nothing like the wide open skies and bright sunshine on the Canadian Prairies—and a sunroom shed from Horizon Storage Sheds can help you enjoy the sun to its fullest. Our sunroom sheds are fitted with beautiful, large windows; we can even fit your shed with a transparent roof so you can gaze at the sky, rain or shine.

Create the perfect space for relaxation—get a custom-built sunroom shed from Horizon Storage Sheds today!

Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds?

Horizon Storage Sheds has been in the business of custom-building sheds for clients across the Prairies for over a decade. All of our sunroom sheds are built right here in Manitoba. We handle every part of the building, delivery, and installation of your sunroom shed—all you need to do is prepare a simple gravel pad.

All of our sheds are backed by a top-to-bottom warranty—our sheds are built to last for generations. We can customize almost any feature of your sunroom shed; our team builds each custom shed with care and passion.

Here’s one of our favourite testimonials from a customer: “Have bought 4 sheds so far. These guys are top notch from start to finish, and if you have a problem, they fix it …5-stars all the way”.

High-quality sunroom sheds with dependable service you can trust—that’s what you’ll get when you work with Horizon Storage Sheds.

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Create a beautiful space in your yard to relax, unwind, host guests, and enjoy the sun. Contact Horizon Storage Sheds for your own hand-made, custom-built screened shed today!


What Sizes of Screened Sheds Do You Offer?

We offer screened sheds in a wide variety of sizes—our sheds range anywhere from 8’ x 8’ to 16’ x 50’, and we offer almost every size in between. Our 12’ x 14’ sunroom shed may be our most popular size—we also offer 10’ x 10’ sunroom sheds, 10’ x 12’ sunroom sheds and 8’ x 12’ sunroom sheds.

How Much Do Your Screened Sheds Cost?

The cost of a custom screened shed varies based on exactly which customization options you pick. Call us, tell us about your dream shed, and we’ll give you a quote!

What Materials Are Your Screened Sheds Constructed From?

Our sunroom sheds are primarily built out of wood, with aluminum vents, high-quality shingles, and engineered wood siding—along with beautiful windows. No matter what size of sunroom shed you’re looking for, you can expect it to be built with high-quality materials.

Do Your Screened Sheds Come With Flooring? What Flooring Options Are Available?

Your screened shed will come with a beautiful wood floor.

How Are Your Screened Sheds Anchored or Secured in Place?

Our screened sheds will be placed and secured on a gravel pad that you’ll prepare yourself before we deliver your shed.

Do Your Screened Sheds Have Windows, Doors, and Shelving Pre-Installed?

Our screened sheds come in a variety of different sizes with numerous features. Doors and windows will be included—we can also install shelving if that suits your needs.

Do You Offer Customization Options for Screened Sheds, Like Colours and Windows?

All of our screened sheds are fully customizable—you can choose between a variety of colours, window styles, doors, and more!

Do Your Screened Sheds Require Any Assembly?

You’ll need to prepare a gravel pad for your screened Shed—and we’ll handle the rest. We assemble, deliver, and install your sunroom shed; it will be fully functional when it arrives.

What Is the Recommended Surface To Place a Screened Shed on?

We highly recommend building a gravel base to put your gravel shed on. Check out our guide to pad preparation.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Screened Sheds?

All of our sheds come with warranties, including a top-to-bottom limited warranty for 5 years and various material warranties. Learn more about our warranties.

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