Portable Sheds In Canada

Portable doesn’t have to mean temporary. Our portable sheds are built with an eye for quality, detail, and durability. When you purchase a portable shed in Manitoba or Saskatchewan from Horizon Storage Sheds, you’re buying a shed that was hand-crafted and custom-built for you. Whatever style, dimensions, and features you need—we can incorporate it all into your shed.

Our portable sheds can fill almost any need. You can use them as carports, storage sheds, offices, and even as portable shelters. With such a huge variety of different sheds available and fully customizable portable sheds ready to be built, we have the perfect shed for your needs.

Our Portable Sheds

Portable Offices

Portable offices can be used as a temporary base of operations while construction or renovations are being done.  Or use one for a home office—it can create additional office space without the need for costly renovations. 

Portable Scale Houses

While we don’t provide the scale, we can provide the housing—our sheds can be easily configured into perfect scale houses, giving workers a comfortable place to work, sheltered from the elements. 

Portable Grain Storage Sheds

Discover the versatility of Horizon Storage’s portable grain sheds! Our range of structures, tailored for your farm, includes sheds perfect for storing grain bins and equipment. Each shed is designed with unique features to suit diverse needs and locations.

Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds? 

Our sheds are built right here in Manitoba. We have been building sheds by hand for over a decade, and all of our sheds are custom-built to your specifications. We offer a top-to-bottom warranty of 5 years, but our sheds last a lot longer than that—our sheds are built to last for generations.

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What Sizes of Portable Sheds Do You Offer?

We have portable sheds in a wide variety of different sizes, including:


  • 8’ x 8’ portable sheds
  • 8’ x 10’ portable sheds
  • 10’ x 10’ portable sheds
  • 10’ x 12’ portable sheds
  • 10’ x 16’ portable sheds
  • 10’ x 18’ portable sheds
  • 12’ x 24’ portable sheds
  • 12’ x 28’ portable sheds
  • 16’ x 50’ portable sheds
  • And more!

How Portable Are Your Portable Sheds? Can They Be Moved by One Person or Do They Require a Team Lift?

Our portable sheds require a lift team. When you need a shed delivered, we take care of all of the details; we move, lift, and install the building for you. 

What Materials Are Your Portable Sheds Constructed From?

Our portable sheds are built from a variety of high-quality materials, including wood-frame construction, durable sidings, and beautiful windows and doors. 

Do Your Portable Sheds Come With Flooring? What Flooring Options Are Available?

All of our sheds come with wood floors. 

How Are Your Portable Sheds Anchored or Secured in Place?

Our sheds are placed on a gravel base that you have prepared; we will place and secure the shed on that base. If needed we can anchor the shed to the ground.

Do Your Portable Sheds Have Windows, Doors, and Shelving Pre-Installed?

We can install windows, doors, and shelving in your portable shed—we have stock sheds with these features, or you can create your own perfect custom portable shed.

Do You Offer Customization Options for Portable Sheds, Like Colours and Windows?

We do! You can customize virtually every aspect of your shed. 

Do Your Portable Sheds Require any Assembly?

No assembly required—we take care of absolutely everything. 

What Is the Recommended Surface To Place a Portable Shed on?

We recommend preparing a gravel base; check out our pad preparation guide. 

How Are Your Portable Sheds Shipped and Delivered? Is Assembly Included?

We handle shipping and delivery; you just need to prepare the gravel base. Our sheds come pre-assembled; 

Do You Offer any Warranties on Your Portable Sheds?

We offer a 5-year top-to-bottom warranty on all of our sheds. 

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