Portable Scale Houses In Canada

From weighing animals to weighing vehicles, large scales play an important part in trade, transportation, agriculture, and more. The people operating these scales need a place to work—and that’s where our portable scale houses come in. We offer portable scale houses in a wide variety of different styles and sizes.

Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds?

At Horizon Storage Sheds, we’ve been building custom sheds right here in Manitoba for over a decade. All of our sheds are built with high-quality materials—wood-frame construction, durable sidings, and beautiful windows. We have a variety of different sheds available—if none of the sheds that we normally build suit your needs, we can build you a custom shed to act as a scale house.



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What Are Scale Houses?

Scale houses are buildings that house scale operators; they’re used at highway weigh stations, manufacturing facilities, recycling facilities, shipping terminals, construction sites, and more.

From within the scale house, the operator can direct traffic, process transactions, and more. The scales are often found within the scale house. Our scale houses are designed to house scale operators and their equipment— scales are not included.

What Sizes of Portable Scale Houses Do You Offer? Do You Have Options Optimized for 1-4 Scales?

Our portable scale houses do not house scales. We can, however, increase the size of our scale houses for large-scale operations. We have a number of prefabricated scale houses that should work well for most operations, and we can custom-build a scale house for your needs. Note that our scale houses are, in essence, portable offices…….. we want to emphasize that they are sheds that can be used as scale houses.

How Customizable Are Your Scale Houses?

Our scale houses are extremely customizable and can be built more or less to your specifications. However there are limits as to what we can or cannot do. We do build in Various Sizes and Lots of Options for customization. Contact Ours Sales team to Discuss what options are available.

What Foundation Preparations Are Required Prior To Delivery and Setup of a Portable Scale House?

We highly recommend setting up a gravel pad foundation for your portable scale house. Check out our pad preparation guide for more information.

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