Portable Grain Storage Sheds


Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds?

Horizon has been serving the Canadian Prairies for over a decade; all of our portable grain sheds (Workshops) are built right here in Manitoba. We’re committed to producing high-quality sheds that will last for many years. We have a variety of different Sizes that are available for grain storage solutions—choose the one that’s right for your needs, or build a custom shed with us! You’ll be happy with the results either way. 

Our Portable Grain Storage Sheds (Workshops)

At Horizon Storage, we build a variety of buildings for your farm. Our sheds can act as storage for your grain bins and other equipment; they each come with various features that make them suitable for different tasks and locations. Everything from the foundation to the roof is built with care.


Take a look at all of our sheds—you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs! 



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What Sizes of Portable Grain Storage Sheds (Workshops) Do You Offer?

Our Workshop sheds come in various sizes, ranging from 10×16 to 12×24 to 14×40 and even larger. We build custom sheds so you can pretty much get whatever size that fits your needs

Are Your Portable Grain Sheds (Workshops) Rodent and Pest-Proof?

Our Workshop sheds are excellent at stopping pests and Rodents. These buildings are closed off to the Outside elements.  Assuming all the doors and  windows shut then you can have peace of mind and nothing to worry about with rodents and pests getting inside your Workshop space

What Ventilation Options Are Available on Your Portable Grain Sheds To Help Control Moisture and Condensation?

Our sheds (Workshops) are built with windows and vents, including gable vents and solar vents. These options give you excellent control over moisture and condensation. For better moisture control you can take advantage of wiring to plug in a Dehumidifier if needed.

How Are Your Portable Grain Sheds (Workshops) Constructed?

We build our grain sheds (Workshops)  right here in Manitoba—the manufacturing process is mostly completed by hand. All Our sheds look exceptional—and they work great for grain storage, feed storage, and more. You can learn more about how we build by clicking the link—you’ll get a breakdown of all the materials that go into our sheds.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Portable Grain Storage (Workshops) Sheds?

Yes, All buildings manufactured By Horizon Storage Sheds come with a top to bottom limited warranty. 5 Years.  

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