Pool Sheds in Canada

Pools are a great way to relax in the summer—to keep your pool at its best, you need to store chemicals, pool toys, furniture, and all kinds of other items.

A pool shed can help. Broadly speaking, there are two different types of pool sheds—pool houses, which are designed to house people next to a pool, and pool storage sheds, designed to house chemicals, pool toys, and other items. Sometimes, a hybrid solution will be used, with cabinets or shelving within the pool shed being used to house pool equipment and seating arranged so it can be used as a pool house.

Here at Horizon Storage Sheds, we offer a wide variety of custom pool sheds and pool houses. Looking for the perfect pool shed for your space? Get in touch with us!

Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds? 

With 15 years of experience building sheds, you can expect unmatched quality and craftspersonship from Horizon Storage Sheds. Your pool shed will be built to code, with any customizations you want. We can add beautiful windows to let more natural light into your pool house and change the style of your pool shed to match your aesthetics, fitting it perfectly in your backyard.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Here’s what one repeat customer had to say: “(I) have bought four sheds so far. These guys are top-notch from start to finish, and if you have a problem, they fix it …5 stars all the way!”

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Our Pool Sheds

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What Sizes of Pool Sheds Do You Offer?

We have pool sheds of all sizes, ranging from 8’ x 8’ to 16’ x 50’—and our custom builders can create anything in between. Some of our most popular options are our 10’ x 10’ pool shed, 10’ x 12’ pool shed, 8’ x 12’ pool shed, and 12’ x 14’ pool shed.

What Materials Are Your Pool Sheds Constructed From?

Our pool sheds and pool houses are primarily built out of wood, with aluminum vents, high-quality shingles, and engineered wood sidings. Whether you want a pool storage shed or a full-scale pool cabana, you can expect it to be built with high-quality materials. 

Do Your Pool Sheds Come With Flooring? What Flooring Options Are Available?

Your pool shed will come with a beautiful wood floor. 

How Are Your Pool Sheds Anchored or Secured in Place?

You will prepare a base for the pool shed—we typically recommend a gravel base. We will then secure the pool shed onto your gravel base. 

Do Your Pool Sheds Have Windows, Doors, and Shelving Pre-Installed?

Absolutely—if that’s what you’re looking for. Our sheds come in a wide variety of styles, with all kinds of different features available; tell us what your dream pool shed looks like, and we’ll make it happen. 

Do You Offer Customization Options for Pool Sheds, Like Colours and Windows?

Absolutely. You can choose between a variety of different colours and window styles—and from a wide variety of other options. 

Do Your Pool Sheds Require Any Assembly?

No assembly is required—our team builds the sheds, transports them, and installs them. The only thing you need to do is prepare a base for the shed. 

What Is the Recommended Surface To Place a Pool Shed on?

We highly recommend building a gravel base to put your pool shed on. Check out our guide to pad preparation.  

How Are Your Pool Sheds Shipped and Delivered? Is Assembly Included?

Our pool sheds are shipped carefully on trucks by our team; we take care of assembling, moving, lifting, and installing the shed.

Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Pool Sheds?

All of our sheds come with warranties, including a top-to-bottom limited warranty for 5 years and various material warranties. Learn more about our warranties

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