Motorcycle Sheds


When you’re not out on the open road, it pays to have a safe place to store your motorcycle. You don’t need to buy a full-fledged garage; a motorcycle storage shed is a simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of storing and protecting your motorcycle.

At Horizon Storage Sheds, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our craft. Our goal is simple: To provide outdoor storage solutions for your motorcycle that offer maximum security and protection. You care about your ride—so do we. Trust Horizon Storage Sheds to keep your motorcycle safe; you’ll be glad you did. 

Why Choose Horizon Storage Sheds?

Founded right here on the Canadian Prairies, Horizon Storage Sheds has been building custom storage solutions for over a decade. All of our motorcycle storage sheds are built right here in Manitoba. We handle every part of building, delivering, and installing your motorcycle storage shed. You build a gravel pad as a foundation, and we do the rest.

All of our sheds are backed by a top-to-bottom warranty—our sheds are built to last. We’ve built these sheds to withstand the brutal weather on the Prairies; they stand strong through thunderstorms, blizzards, and powerful winds. They’ll protect your motorcycle through it all.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers: “Have bought 4 sheds so far. These guys are top-notch from start to finish, and if you have a problem, they fix it …5-stars all the way.”

Looking for a storage solution for your motorcycle? A custom shed from Horizon is the way to go. 

Benefits of Protecting Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle storage sheds protect your motorcycle in a number of different ways. Thieves won’t be able to see your motorcycle—and even if they do, they’ll be greeted with locked doors. Your bike will be protected from rain, snow, sun, and more—and that means it’ll last longer.

    Types of Storage Sheds for Motorcycles We Offer

    We build custom sheds and we have many different options for securing your motorcycle. Our recommendation is the Platinum Style shed; it’s the perfect fit for a motorcycle. It features:

    • An overhead door
    • A 9 Lite door for easy access
    • An all-aluminum ramp system
    • 2 windows
    • A metal roof
    • Engineered wood siding

    These features make it easy for you to get your bike in and out of storage—but harder for anyone else to get to it. The quality materials we use in each of our Platinum Sheds will keep your motorcycle protected.

    Preparing your Motorcycle for Storage

    Before putting your bike into long-term storage, you should clean it: Wash, scrub, dry, and wax your bike.

    Check your tires, check your clutch and brake fluids, check your coolant, and change your oil. Inspect your bike, cover your exhaust pipe, then cover your bike with a breathable, high-quality motorcycle cover.

    Contact Us Today!

    Keep your motorcycle protected this year; contact Horizon Storage Sheds for a shed that’s built to last. We’ll build and set up your motorcycle storage shed, and support you with top-notch customer service for years after your shed is built—not that you’ll need it. 


    What's the Ideal Size for a Motorcycle Shed?

    The ideal size for a motorcycle shed varies depending on how much you’re storing in the shed, and the size of your motorcycle. Typically, the smallest size you should choose is 10×16, which can provide enough space for a single motorcycle. For a bit more room, consider a 12×12 shed, which can give you more room for your motorcycle’s accessories. Looking to store two motorcycles? Consider a 12×20 shed.

    How Much Do Your Motorcycle Sheds Cost?

    The cost of a motorcycle shed varies depending on the customization options that you choose. Our motorcycle sheds are both durable and affordable; contact us, and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote! 

    What Materials Are Your Motorcycle Sheds Constructed From?

    Our motorcycle sheds are primarily built out of wood, with high-quality shingles and engineered wood siding. No matter which customization options you choose for your motorcycle shed, we always use high-quality materials. 

    Do Your Motorcycle Sheds Come With Flooring? What Flooring Options Are Available?

    Our motorcycle sheds come with a beautiful, durable wood floor. 

    How Are Your Motorcycle Sheds Anchored or Secured in Place?

    Our motorcycle sheds should be placed and secured on a prepared gravel pad. 

    Do Your Motorcycle Sheds Have Windows, Doors, and Shelving Pre-Installed?

    All of our motorcycle sheds come with windows and doors pre-installed; if you want shelving for your accessories, let us know, and we can install them for you. 

    Do You Offer Customization Options for Motorcycle Sheds Like Colours and Windows?

    We offer several different customization options for our motorcycle sheds; you can choose from a variety of colours, styles, and more. 

    Do Your Motorcycle Sheds Require Any Assembly?

    Our motorcycle sheds come fully assembled; all you have to do is prepare the gravel pad. We assemble, deliver, and install your motorcycle shed for you. 

    What Is the Recommended Surface To Place a Motorcycle Shed on?

    We highly recommend using a gravel base for your motorcycle shed; check out our guide on pad preparation to get started. 

    Do You Offer Any Warranties on Your Sheds?

    All of our sheds come with warranties, including a top-to-bottom limited warranty for 5 years and various material warranties. Learn more about our warranties