How To Organize A Shed

Has the time finally come to shed the clutter in your shed? 


Great! We’re here to help. This guide is designed to help you get rid of junk, sort what’s important to you, and store it in a way that makes it easy to access. Let’s jump in! 

Steps for Organizing Your Shed

The first step to organizing your shed is moving everything out of your shed. We’re going to be sorting items, throwing out clutter, grouping things together, and implementing better storage strategies. Once everything is moved out of your shed, we can start organizing!

Keep Track of What You Have

You might not go into your storage shed every day, and even a well-kept storage shed can get a bit cramped. Record everything that’s in your shed in a spreadsheet—you can split that spreadsheet into multiple categories if you have a lot of stuff. By doing this, you’ll avoid purchasing duplicates of supplies you already have. 

Cut Out the Clutter

The main reason we’ve pulled everything out of the shed is so we can find what you don’t need and dispose of it appropriately.


Everyone accumulates junk over time. Leftover paint cans from a completed project. Old patio furniture that’s since been replaced. Bikes that are no longer the right size. A lot of these items can be donated or recycled—by cutting out the clutter in your shed, you can make space for yourself and help out your community. 

Keep Your Belongings Grouped

When your tools, decorative lights, bikes, toys, fertilizer, and car parts are all mangled together in a giant heap, it’s impossible to find anything.


With all of your shed’s belongings out on your lawn, start sorting items into groups. Here are some examples of what you should group together:


  • Gardening tools
  • Yard tools
  • Toys
  • Bikes
  • Automotive supplies
  • Hardware (screws, bolts, etc.)


There are plenty more categories you could think of depending on what you’re using your storage shed for. Now that we’ve assembled everything into groups, it’s time to put them all back into the shed! 

Get Proper Storage Containers

Get large, durable plastic containers for supplies—place masking tape on the lids or sides of the containers, and mark what’s inside them.


We highly recommend installing shelves in your shed if you don’t already have them, especially if you’re using the shed primarily as a storage space. Shelves add vertical space to your shed and can help you keep smaller items off the ground.


You should also consider installing magnetic strips along the walls. A magnetic strip can help you hold your tools, leaving them easily accessible without posing tripping hazards.


Hooks are another handy storage “container” that can be used to hold anything from garden hoses and other gardening tools to potted plants. Best of all, hooks are easy to install. 

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