Before Purchasing a Lot Shed

In order to be as open and transparent as possible, we feel that it is important to clarify what to expect when purchasing a shed from one of our display lots. As you will know, we have sheds displayed on lots across the province that are open to the public and help people to see how we build our sheds, and the quality they can expect from us. It is also a great way to be able to see the actual color samples that we have on display at each lot. All our lot sheds are for sale on our website, and can be purchased and delivered with a shorter turn around time than custom ordering your shed.

We feel it is important to clarify that there is a possibility that there could be some signs of use/wear, foot traffic, weathering, that are beyond our control given that they have been displayed and open to the public.

All lot sheds are sold as is and will be a final sale.