10 Creative Ways To Use A Shed

Modern-day sheds are for far more than just storage. With proper insulation, electrical systems integrated into your shed, and a bit of creativity, you can turn your shed into almost anything. Here are ten creative ways you can turn your shed into something special.

1. Home Office

Get an insulated storage shed with electricity. Grab a desk, a chair, and some potted plants—and just like that, you have a home office far from any of the distractions of home. Get creative here—you can make anything from an office space to an art studio. You just need the right furniture! 

Our workshop and platinum sheds both make excellent options for home offices.

2. Garden Tool Storage

A classic for a reason—you can add wall-mounted storage and ground-level storage to keep all of your garden tools organized all year round. Potting sheds are becoming more popular, too—you can keep your potted plants beside your tools. You can build flower boxes beside your potting shed to make everything as accessible as possible; give your green thumb some exercise! 

3. Guest House

With enough insulation, you can use your shed as a guest house. Make it comfy with a nice bed and a bedside table, then add a few personal touches for your guests. A faux fireplace can work nicely here—add mirrors to make a small shed feel bigger!

4. Chicken Coop

Imagine getting fresh eggs from your shed—now build a chicken coop, and you won’t have to imagine any longer!  With nesting boxes, roosts, and a chicken door, you’ll be raising chickens in your backyard shed in no time. 

5. Gym

Even if you’ve got a small shed, you’ll probably have enough room for your very own home gym! It all depends on how much equipment you want. With a small shed, you can still lift weights and use resistance bands and mats. With a larger shed, you can include a treadmill or other large workout equipment. A bit of insulation and electricity could go a long way here! 

6. Private Retreat

Build yourself a centre for entertainment and relaxation. Some people call them man-caves or she-sheds—whatever label you want to put on it, your shed can be filled with any of the luxuries and amenities you want. Games, big screens, you name it—all away from the hustle and bustle of your home. You could even turn your storage shed into a pool house—whatever helps you relax! 

7. Recording Studio

With some insulation and soundproofing, you can turn your entire shed into a recording studio—all you’ll need is some electricity. Shed studios are great—they’re far away from household noises and closer to nature for inspiration. With a large enough shed, you can fit a dozen instruments and recording equipment. Let your creativity flow!

8. Workshop

Woodworking, metalworking, and more—you can do it all when your shed is large, well-insulated, and equipped with electrical. We’ve designed our workshop sheds to offer everything you need to create your own workshop. Hone your craft, make money selling your goods, or use it for hobbies—it’s your workshop shed! 

9. Animal Feed Storage

Animal feed takes up a lot of space—and if you’ve got a lot of animals, it needs to be well-organized and easily accessible. A storage shed may be the perfect solution—it can be compartmentalized to provide easy access to feed. Even a tiny shed can do the trick here (depending on how many animals you have). 

10. Playhouse

Want a space for your kids to play? Turn your shed into a children’s playhouse! You can include toys, rope ladders, and more—give them a space away from the house (but close to home) that they can explore and call their own. 

Unleash Your Creativity With Horizon Storage Sheds

These are just a few of the many ways you can turn your shed into something remarkable. We’ve got more shed ideas, too—this is just the tip of the iceberg. Firewood storage! An animal shelter! Our sheds are highly customizable—if you can dream it, we can make it happen. Contact Horizon Storage Sheds today, and bring your dreams to life.